Why ImmunoGuide Neopterin ELISA?

1. Superior performance and probably the most powerful neopterin ELISA for ascertaining the real clinical correlation of disease-related immune status and neopterin levels in biological fluids.

2. The superiority of ImmunoGuide Neopterin ELISA is mostly related to the neopterin-specific monoclonal antibody (mAb), clone IG-ErdA5E12, used for coating microtitre plate. The target epitope is determined by taking into consideration the molecular geometry of neopterin. This approach enables the avoidance of cross-reaction with other molecules resembling neopterin. The unique IG-ErdA5E12 clone was selected among many different mAbs induced against a specific epitope located on the surface of low molecular weight neopterin.

Neopterin ELISA for serum / plasma

Neopterin ELISA for Urine

Neopterin is a catabolic product of guanosine triphosphate (GTP), a purine nucleotide. Neopterin belongs to the chemical group known as pteridines. It is synthesised by human macrophages upon stimulation with the cytokine interferon-gamma and is indicative of a pro-inflammatory immune status.

Neopterin ELISA kits are now CE-marked!

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